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  1. dostech said:

    sorry lost connection. my problem is getting my new sata drives to be seen. I'm trying to partition and format the drives. I can see them fine in bios but not at boot no sata drives found? I tried 1 drive no luck i tried wd tools wd align no luck, wont see drive tried a pata drive worked fine tried drive on other pc nope,i know i need sata drivers for it to be seen but how do i load drivers if i can't see drive? won't boot with winxp with sata drivers.
    wd 1tb
    mobo asus p5n-d
    ocz 4gb ddr2 800 6400
    intel core2 quad 9400 2.66ghz
  2. Have you initialised the drive in computer disk manager?
    If you go to administrator tools and the computer manager, it is the option near the bottom. Can you see it there?
  3. no not showing in admin cm
  4. ok i had 2 problems 1. bad boot disk xp, 2. bad hdd, tried other drv of which i should have before worked fine was able to load vista no problems, thx for your reply
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