CMOS Setting Wrong?


i just bought a new computer. Here is the spec:

CPU: Intel E7300
Mobo: MSI 7512 P45 Neo2FR
RAM: Kingston 800mhz 2gb DDR2 x 2
GPU: Sapphire 4830 512mb DDR3

Here's my problem with the Mobo. The computer was setup by the shop technician. Appeared fine, as i can switch it on and install window XP as usual. After i turn if off and switch off the main switch (total power cut-off), and turn it back on again, i get this startup page that says:

"CMOS setting wrong
CMOS Date/Time not set "

Naturally, i reset it in my BIOS, save and exit. the second time i cuttoff the power and switch it back on, the same thing appeared! the date is always reset to the date of manufacturing 11June 2008. i tried to change it in windows, but after the total power cutoff, the same thing happened.

Anyone has any clue what's wrong with it? Maybe battery? but i just bought it less than a week ago!

Here's the other question:

i turn on my green power, and using the MSI dual core center programe, i tried to increase the FSB from 266 to 333. Instead, everytime it reaches 299, the system crash. i read at tom's review that this is perhaps the most simplest OC it can ever be, without even needing to change anything else. Anyone knows what i can do? the thing is that in their review, Tom's uses the P45 Diamond, and i'm disappointed that the same can't be done with a neo2FR, which is the same series.

i am really disappointed with the product i get. Although warned before hand that MSI is not a good build in long run, i NEVER expect such little problem SOOOOOO soon in my new PC. really kill all the fun in assembling a PC.

note: i have not seek advice from the MSI officials and would like to think that this is a normal problem that might be experienced and overcome by some in this extensive forum!.

thanks in advance.
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  1. Sounds like the battery might be dead. Are you completely shutting down the PSU as well with switch on the back? If you are, simply don't do it!
    When you raise the buss speed, you have to set your memory multiplier lower to keep from overclocking your memory. Most memory will not handle much overclocking at all.
  2. Thanks for the reply. i did cut off the power, not by the switch on the PSU, but the wall socket which the power cable of PSU is connected to, i guess there's no difference right? Anyway, why you mentioned it is not good?

    Regarding the OC, do you know how to lower the multiplier without goin' in BIOS? i mean in window environment? my Multiplier is currently 10, what do you suggest i try?

    thanks alot. will get a new battery and see what happen.
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