Digital Vibrance?

Why is Nvidia Control Panel set to 0% Digital Vibrance?? When I turn that up, everything looks beautiful... i can't believe how good it looks!!!!

I didn't kno Far Cry had soo much color LMAO!!!!

I just found this thing out a couple a go:P

Any1 kno what it should be set to for the best picture quality?
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  1. This is why ATI appears to have a better picture, as nVidia tends to keep their default settings lower. Its all in the eye of the beholder, I just wish someone at nVidia would change the defaults tho
  2. yeah I keep it around 60% lol anything above THG forums red color kills my eyes lol.

    But Jaydee, you can't beleive the beauty it adds to games like far cry 2 and stuff...even Crysis....such rich colors.
  3. not sure but 45% looks good to me.
  4. Digital Vibrance is artificially boosting colours to try and make them look better on typically dull LCDs, not good for accuracy, but many people prefer it. It's like Sony's VIVID setting it oversaturates the h3ll out of stuff, but go into more stores and put two TVs side by side set them properly and then switch the Sony to Vivid and most people will choose it even if it's no longer what was supposed to be displayed based on original content. Same thing here usually.

    So leaving it as off as a default is a good idea, but the do need to remind people the feature has returned (after a hiatus during the G80 year).
  5. So, you recomend it off? Ive tried it a few times, but makes things look cartoonish
  6. Only for people doing picture editing or something that requires accuracy, set up your colourimeter and then go with that.

    For other people, nah, go with whatever looks good to you, but also realize that it may look cool, but it indeed may be more cartoonish or oversaturated, etc.

    It's like touching up a photo, the original may be accurate but someone's skin tone may be to pale and look better with a little photo-chopped sun-in. I think it's a matter of taste, whatever works for whomever. I go out of my way for accuracy, but that's not always what makes a movie or game look the best.
  7. Yea, I was surprised by the amounts used, tho on my monitor, I guess I dont require alot, or my eyes are accustomed to what it gives as accurate
  8. One thing I noticed that in nvidia control panel is the overlay colour is limited by default. If you unlock all the colours you'll all see a huge difference in terms colour. I don't know much about their latest cards. I changed this setting on a 7 series using 178.24.
  9. For me it made a huge difference! I mean Cod 5 looks beautiful now, I can actually see the colors. Before it looked boring and dull, over all just 1 color almost.

    It's probably because of my monitor, I'm using my old Sony since 2002, since my other monitor is now at my friend's house till he gets a new 1.
  10. personnally i hate the setting on my dullest monitor, i have it on 7% but on my good Dell 21" i have it off any setting no matter how low makes the colours look unnatural.
  11. I only use 14% on my lg24'', anything more and oranges look like I can lick them.
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