Ram upgrade on HP MEDIA CENTER PC 7170n

I have installed plenty of ram in every pc I have ever owned. This one ram upgrade on HP MEDIA CENTER PC 7170n had 2gigs of ram when I had it built. which I can upgrade to 4 gigs. I have had the other 2gigs in the box for a yr now. My hands aren't as nimble as they where. ANd for some unknown reason to anyone they installed the ram behind the dvdrw with the reg dvd right under it. there is no way to get to it, unless I can take out the two dvds. I can see no reg. screws just ribet like things. Can I take the ribits out without breaking everything and get them back in? Or does someone know a easy way to do this. the book makes it look easy. But it doesnt have the dang dvd's infront of it.
any help appreciated.
thanks Deb
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  1. I was able to do it. I had to unscrew the cpu cooler and remove it. Pulled the dvd cables. Maybe a couple wires to the motherboard also. I was then able to reach under the dvd players to do it. Then just put everything back after I snapped in the ram. It works like a charm. I didn't have to kill any frogs or remove their "ribits" in the process.
  2. Thanks for the info. I was able to do it by just sliding the dvd units out just a inch or so. Plus I laid the dang thing on the floor to give me enough push power to slide the ram in till it snapped. Hooked it all back together and still works :) Thanks for all the help I have gotten here.
  3. I thank you both for the info you provided also, i removed the cooling unit and reached under the drives to snap the memory in. Was a pain in the butt, whoever designed this comp was on something.
  4. Removing the front facia and sliding the whole cd drive bay out 3 inches is the best way to do this.. For people who are searching for a resolution to this, DO NOT remove any fans (cooling units), wires, etc.
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