Lost connection after closing browsers?

Hi everyone,

I have an interesting problem happens to my new build recently. It's getting more frequent since last week, and I'm not sure whether this is coming from my 5 years old modem or my PC. OK, so whenever I completely close my web browser, my rig will drop internet connection to "no internet access". Then I have to restart my modem by unplugging them and restart my PC. It will not work only by restarting my PC or modem along. I have to restart both to back on internet.

I have also ran through "my own" trouble shooting thing, and I only restart modem/PC along, the system always give "identifying network dot dot dot, no network access" I can give more info if you folks need it.

Motherboard: Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3

P.S. AT&T internet was outage in my area for about half day last week. Even then, the problem started couple days before the outage.
I have also switched to my new Ethernet cable in case of cable issues.


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  1. Ok..It seems like its my modem's fault, am still not sure. After I post this thread, the internet die on me again. And this time I restart my PC and leave my modem on. Unplug my ethernet cable from the back of my PC. Plug it back in, not working. Unplug the cable again, unplug everything from modem and waited about 30 seconds. And restart my modem, this time it works...but without restarting my rig...VERY INTERESTING
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