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Help with MEMORY…
I have the following--MOBO Gigabyte EP45-DS3R--PROCESSOR Intel E8400 Core2Duo--MEMORY Mushkin XP2-6400 Ascent 4GB--Vista 64

My computer runs nearly flawlessly with 1 2GB RAM installed…as soon as I load the second RAM of 2GB the computer has numerous problems such as the BSD, numerous restarts, sudden failures to boot up, etc……I have tried a few times to verify and same every time…..2 GB good 4 GB bad……

I have 2 questions.
1 If I add 4 more GB of RAM will that fix problem because there is a 4 gb vs Vista issue?
2 Can anyone point me towards the previous discussions in the forums….I am having trouble finding data…..Thank you in advance.
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  1. While I'm certainly not a memory expert here, my first concern would be that the motherboard specs list 1.8v memory supported whereas the Mushkin XP2-6400 memory is listed as 1.9v.

    Also, when you're adding the second stick of RAM, are you installing it into the same color memory slot as the first?

    Have you attempted to run the system on just the "bad" memory installed into the first slot?

    How about Memtest86+? Have you run that against each memory module, individually?

    Just a few ideas off the top of my head.

    -Wolf sends
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