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Help with MEMORY…

I have the following--MOBO Gigabyte EP45-DS3R--PROCESSOR Intel E8400 Core2Duo--MEMORY Mushkin XP2-6400 Ascent 4GB--Vista 64

My computer runs nearly flawlessly with 1 2GB RAM installed…as soon as I load the second RAM of 2GB the computer has numerous problems such as the BSD, numerous restarts, sudden failures to boot up, etc……I have tried a few times to verify and same every time…..2 GB good 4 GB bad…

I have 2 questions. 1 If I add 4 more GB of RAM will that fix problem? 2 Can anyone point me towards the previous discussions in the forums….I am having trouble finding data…..Thank you in advance.
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  1. Sorry about the dual post
  2. Is this your RAM?

    If it is, you need to make sure the voltage and timings are set correctly (4-4-4-12 @ 2.1v). If the timings and voltage are correct, you need to download Memtest86+ and run it for at least 8 hours to test for defective RAM.
  3. That is my memory.... I will try to set those specs in the bios but I am unfamiliar with BIOS operations....trying to work it now with 2 gbs in
  4. Another example of why getting RAM that runs on the JEDEC standard is the best way to go.
    I like Mushkin, but always get a set that runs on 1.8V. It is either 5-5-5-12 or 5-4-4-12.

    You may also have gotten a bad RAM stick. Does it work with either stick but not both? Does it matter which slot you use for one working stick?
  5. both sticks good in slot 1 will try other slots
    now i need to look up jedec and see what i did not know when i bought what i have
  6. Gr8Timz I know this will sound stupid,your ram slot are 2 yellow and 2 red when you insert both ram chips which ones are you using?
  7. the 2 yellows
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