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Hey All,

I’m sure you’ve all seen/heard/maybe even used the ol’ “I have a friend who is having this problem”…

Well, A guy I know has bought himself 2 cards for SLI. Cards & Mobo below (cards are identical purchased at the same time).



& he has tried to get SLI working. He gets this error message:

Yes, I know that particular link tells you its in the bios. I don’t know enough about bios on how to correct it. Any advice?

Other useful info as follows:

Both cards appear in Device Manager, but one has the yellow sign with the ! mark (the 2nd card). He as tried switching the cards positions, that still causes this error. He has one functional card no matter what option he tires to install, or restart in…He states that he has ensured the chip you have to flip on the mobo has been done.

He gets no option to enable SLI. I had him download Ntune, & either through the desktop shortcut, or the NVIDIA settings he still gets no option to enable.

Now I SWEAR this isn’t me. It’s not my PC, so if you ask me questions, it may take some time for me to get the answers.
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  1. Did he insert the SLI bridge?
  2. Yes.
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