Is the HD4850 overkill for me?

Hmm. I wonder.
I will probably be using a 22 inch monitor and using about a 2.5 intel 2.0 dual core. I will be playing most source games, cod4/5, and maybe some future games, but not anything like crysis on really high.
If the 4850 is kinda overkill, which should I pick?
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  1. I don't think so the 4850 is going to increase you min framrate with aa at that res quite a bit over anything else in a simular price range. So I would go for it but graphics power for the dollar at 22 inch definitly go for 8800gt/9800gt/4830 or better at least in my opinion.
  2. Go for the 4850.
  3. well 4850 isn't really over kill if you want to last for future games. 4850 is good :)
  4. "2.5 intel 2.0 dual core"

    please clarify
    i have a 22" monitor with 4850, it def isn't overkill, enthusiast doesn't know what overkill is. define overkill please? [seriously]
    i mean wouldn't you want a card that can run everything on high without a hitch? 4850 does meet some bumps in the road, but for me, its just perfect
  5. In my opinion it wouldnt be overkil with a 19" Monitor nevermind a 22" Monitor. There are games out that need all the Graphical power that a set up like that will give you (and some that will want more).

  6. the 4850 should be fine... I was using it at 1680x1050 - no issues.
  7. source game? 4850 wont be overkill at all... not for 200$ that is
    thats wut im gettin asap ;) just need to choose WHICH 4850 card!!!
  8. It should last you longer than if you were to buy a less powerful GPU.

    As you know GPU requirements generally goes up as time passes by, so while the 4850 is more than enough to play games now, in a year or two from now it may be the minimum requirement depending on how high you want to set the graphics levels. Therefore, spending a little more now can save you a lot more later.
  9. k, the the 4850 is ok
    but what about which? I was thinking about getting the his one with iceq4, then overclocking it to be about the iceq4 turbox
    what do you guys think?
  10. I have owned 3 different ICEQ cards and they have all been good. Its for you to decide but remember if you buy the ICEQ TURBO its guaranteed to run at those clocks and a standard ICEQ isnt.
    My cards were all TURBO models and i got a small OC out of them so i would think the chances are good that they will OC but you cant be sure.

  11. do you mean that I should just get the turbo edition? is it more ocable than the normal?
  12. Well it depends on the price difference. Im in the UK and for me personally if it was a case of the TURBO card being £20 dearer than the standard card i would get the TURBO card. If the TURBO card was £30 dearer then i would probably buy the standard card and try to overclock it as you say you plan to do.
    I would assume that the TURBO chips have been tested to a higher spec than the standard ones. I have no proof of this, just my own opinion/ assumption. It could well be that they are all the same chip.
    So just for clarification i am not saying the TURBO card will OC better just that its clocks are guaranteed at the higher spec already and the three i had still OC'ed, not alot but a bit.
  13. i saw 3 dif HIS 4850 on
    HIS 4850 215$
    HIS 4850 IceQ4 Turbo 255$ (seems to be the 215$ one + ICeq4 module..)
    HIS 4850 IceQ4 Turbox 265$ (seems to be 255$+ overclock)

    wut bout the diamond 4850, + cooler such as Thermalright or Accelero S2?
    maybe this option wudnt be good for Xfire since it takes too much place...

    im seriously thinking bout taking the iceq4 turbo one and OC it myself if i want to...
    any thoughts? i know not many people had the chance to try many different options with that card ;(

    mac, wuts ur specs? does ur case have a nice airflow? tried crysis or other good FPS?
  14. but isn't the turbo one just an overclocked one of the normal?
  15. There is some debate about this, basically what happens is that the chips are tested and the chips that dont quite make the grade are binned (saved for later) and used for a lower spec card. Some say that the chips that perform really well wen tested get put to one side to be used as the special edition OC ++ or TURBOchips. In practice i feel this would severly limit the number of these cards available and my personal view is that they are the same chips but tested to the higher spec. The chips that pass are then OC ++ or TURBO chips and those that dont pass go back to be standard cards.
    So yes in my opinion thet are the same chip and it would be quite possable to buy a standard card that would OC to the same levels or maybe even more than a TURBO chip.
    Just remember that you could equally as easily buy a standard card that didnt OC at all.
  16. ipoopfool said:
    but isn't the turbo one just an overclocked one of the normal?

    its an overclocked version with a custom fan cooler. definitely a must buy.

    you'll be paying for a card that will run 10c-20c cooler than the stock ones.
  17. I got 2 4850 in crossfire oced to 690/1050 with a DUOrb (copper version) running on a ASUS Rampage formula with an OCed 6600 G0 to 4ghz, and i get a minimum framerate at crysis 1900x1200 all ultra high EXCEPT phisycs that i have at high (havok kinda sucks ;D), and with no AA im getting a minimum framrate of 39 fps in all first level, so 1 4850 if with good aftermarket cooler and oced a bit really is great for the cash u paying i belive, and i recomend it personally to anyone, as long as they have A LOT of pacience to work their way around vista problems (i cant use last drivers simply cus if i try to install them, my comp never loads windows HAHA).
  18. cats, are you sayin your havin problems with 4850+ Vista?? >_>
    also, wut are ur 2 cards? HIS IceQ4? Diamonds?

    wh3eresmycar, the thing is; should we buy cheaper card (diamond) and add a cooling device, or should we buy HIS IceQ4 ? :X the HIS is about 60$ more on
  19. well if you don't want to mess with their warranty you might as well get HIS IceQ4 otherwise you're going to have to mod it yourself and well.. depends how comfortable you feel with changing parts. If you're not too sure about it then it's better to go with the HIS than to void warranty on the Diamond one.
  20. wh3resmycar said:
    its an overclocked version with a custom fan cooler. definitely a must buy.

    you'll be paying for a card that will run 10c-20c cooler than the stock ones.

    what about just getting a normal iceq 4850, and ocing it. Do you think it would be able to get up to turbox level?
  21. ipoopfool said:
    what about just getting a normal iceq 4850, and ocing it. Do you think it would be able to get up to turbox level?

    what murdoc said.

    oc'ing will void the warranty for those cards that came out @ stock clocks.
  22. u sure? cause I think I sent an email to his and they say it is ok as long as you don't mess with the hardware n stuff
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