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My new build is done! tell me what you think?

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October 23, 2008 9:20:43 PM

Well I just ordered the final pieces of my computer.. this has been a long time in the works.. lots of research lol =/ hope it paid off!

Intel E8500 190$

Gigabyte EP45-UD3R mobo 105$

2x2=4 GB of 1066 Corsair XMS2 (the one with the fan thing.. meh, it was cheap) 80$

TX650 Corsair psu 80$

Antec 900 Case 99$

Visiontek Radeon 4870 512mb 250$

Xigmatek S1283 with the bolt thru and arctic silver 5 50$

640gb WD Caviar 75$

LG DVDRW drive 26$

and Asus 22" LCD from newegg (will use 1680x1040 resolution or the like) 180$

Logitech 5.1 surround 140w 60$

and logi quickcam communicate webcam (lol, had g15 and mxlaser to start with) 5$

Total Price for everything after shipping+rebates= 1200$

anyone have any comments on this build?

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October 23, 2008 9:30:50 PM

Excellent build. Pretty much what I would choose.
October 23, 2008 9:42:04 PM

Looks good. The only thing I'd change is getting the 1GB version of the 4870 or getting the Overclocked Diamond Black Version. I'd also say go with a 2ms Samsung for the Monitor if you can afford it of course ^_^
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October 23, 2008 10:06:24 PM

Yeah but I heard the 1gb barely makes a difference at my lower resolution.. and the Asus lcd is super cheap atm. (sale going on) with decent reviews.. just hope I dont get any dead pixels lol

and I can also overclock the visiontek if I turn up the fan
October 23, 2008 10:07:24 PM

Hopefully that non-JEDEC standard memory won't give you too much grief.
The rest looks good.
October 23, 2008 11:09:54 PM

everything's great, but a 1gig 4870 would be better. but, have fun with it! ;) 
October 24, 2008 12:27:30 AM

Non-jedec standard memory? o.O
October 24, 2008 1:58:08 AM

You did a good job with that build, fortunately. Why are you ordering first and asking for advice later???
October 24, 2008 2:14:27 AM

Looks fine, OS, sound card, NIC?

I'd say XP Pro w/SP3, XFi gamer, Intel Pro 1000/MT.
October 24, 2008 9:33:58 AM

The JEDEC standard voltage for DDR2 RAM is 1.8V. Anything higher is a factory overclock, and timings will be worse on the standard voltage (e.g. 6-6-6-18), or it may not be stable, until you manually set the voltage higher. You'll need to do that after any BIOS reset.
October 24, 2008 1:01:21 PM

excellent build for the price - buying that ready built would be about £1000 over here.
Superb choice of HD and case - memory is class aswell

I went for the antec1200 personally - mainly due to dust filters and extra fans, but it would probs be overkill on your build

I agree with proximon though - isn't it a bit pointless to ask for critique on a setup you built in hindsight? lucky you built well unlike some ppl who do the same thing!!!! lol
October 24, 2008 1:03:07 PM

btw - XP pro??!!! don't listen to that drivel, with your RAM, vista 64bit would be a far superior choice due to things like DX10 and the fact that it is becoming a new standard
October 24, 2008 1:18:28 PM

I like your build so much I may borrow some of it for myself.

I'm currently in the works to spend about 1200 on mine :) 

And that looks ideal..
October 24, 2008 5:12:46 PM

AlphaOmegaX said:
I like your build so much I may borrow some of it for myself.

I'm currently in the works to spend about 1200 on mine :) 

And that looks ideal..

Your needs may differ from his. You should start your own thread before you place the order.

For example a Q6600 might be a smarter choice than E8500, depending on what you do with the PC.
Or you could dump the whole Xigmatek cooler+bracket+AS5 combo if you don't overclock.
Or if you already have a monitor and speakers you could use the money to upgrade the video card as far as HD 4870 X2 while still staying around $1200 total.

October 25, 2008 1:47:14 AM

Yeah Aevm has a point.. I did do alot of research on this but there are alternatives to almost anything I bought.. memory is basically buy whichever big brand is the best deal at the time.. my corsair sticks went on sale right before I bought it.. was going with ocz or mushkin before that.

Video card, yeah I could've done better, the 4870 looks like the best price/performance though at this point. Although I'm thinking I should've sprang the extra 30 for 1gb =/ oh well.. I'm playing games at 1680x1040 so it shouldn't make a massive difference..

Quad Core isn't utilized as well as it could be for most of the things I will be doing (gaming), but quad is futureproof, so games that come out that use the architecture will benefit greatly, I just didn't like the q6600 for the price range.. 65nm and lower clock speeds..

And I did ask for advice here and there for the parts before I built the system.. I just wanted some input now that my build is complete..

Having some trouble installing the heatsink though.. those bolts still take some pressure to get threaded lol

but I'll make sure to post some benchmarks/pics when I'm done =)) (that is, if I didn't wreck my slot 775 by trying to put the protecting cover back on UNDER the clip instead of over it!! :o !)