Intel X25-V 40Gb SSD

I just bought this ssd, installed the latest firmware, and I am not sure what I should do from here. I have read some reviews and they talk about benchmarking it, running TRIM, etc. Well, after searching the internet like crazy for some kind of guide on how to get ssd's to run at their best. All I end up finding are either explanations of the technology or just uninformative reviews. How do I optimize the ssd? TRIM?...How do I do this?
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  1. Just go ahead and install Windows 7 on it like it was an ordinary, plain-Jane hard drive and you'll be set. Windows 7 understands SSDs and it will automatically use TRIM when necessary and disable the unnecessary stuff like degfragging, etc.
  2. What about if you have an array of RAID HDDs next to it. Will Trim still be enabled? or is AHCI A must?
  3. As siminlal said, just use it.

    Because it is relatively low capacity, plan carefully what you will put on the SSD, and what will go on a larger storage drive.
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    My Intel SSD was running 16% slower on the Passmark benchmark summary for my drive model. I finally figred out that I had to set the AHCI option in my BIOS. It now performs about 40% above the Passmark average. Here is the site, and the benchmark tool download is free to get started:

    Intel has a toolbox download that they recommend you run once a week:

    Everyone on this forum says do not defrag. Windows 7 recognized that my drive was spinning at 0 rpms and did not try to automatically schedule any defragmentation.

    All in all, I really like the super fast drive that I have, even knowing that it was pretty much a frivolous overspend in my build.

    Oh, as for your question on TRIM, you have the 32 nm model, which is TRIM capable. Windows also handle that automatically, as long as you do nto have this drive in a RAID array, as per Sminlal on this forum:

    Hope this helps.
  5. I already installed Windows 7 and the latest firmware on the ssd. I downloaded that intel toolbox and just ran the optimizer, and will do so once a week like you said. Now I will be running that benchmarking tool you recommended to me. Wow I didn't know windows 7 automatically did TRIM COOL! THANKS EVERY ONE, YOUR SO HELPFUL! :bounce:

    Oh wait I forgot, I also will be checking the bios to enable AHCI. Thanks again everyone!
  6. But intel just released a new RST that supports Trim in RAID mode. Does it work? If not does that mean no RAID for me?
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  8. DarthPiggie said:
    But intel just released a new RST that supports Trim in RAID mode. Does it work? If not does that mean no RAID for me?

    Most excellent news. Thank you for sharing Dp. It is wonderful to watch the development of SSD technology as it unfolds.
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