Core 2 Quad price drop anytime soon?

I'm planning to upgrade from my current E6550 to a Q9550 (since it's as good as the i7 920 without having to dish out for a new mb and ram). However, I've heard rumors that there's going to be some price adjustments soon from Intel? Is that true? Should I wait?

In addition, since I'm not much an overclocker, will I notice the difference from the stock fan/heatsink compared to stuff like the sunbeam core contact freezer?
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  1. From the rumors i heard....the Q9550 would supposedly be dropping to Q9400 prices and all the others will drop respectively. I dont know if its true, but thats what i heard
    I mean the 920 is better...but i mean atm the ram is expensive, but if u have the money get it over the 9550

    Imo, the stock heatsink is crap...but if ur not OCing its fine. If u are going to, the upgrade would be worth it
  2. No the stock heatsink is just crap. I got a bigger one with my old E6750 than my E9600 or a friend's Q9550. The one that comes with the E8600 and the Q9550 is the same as the one that comes with an E2180... yeah...
  3. So there will be a price drop...
    Oh man I have already buy one....
    So this will be a $70 drop or more..
  4. The Q9550 has already droped below $300 at newegg, its at $295.
  5. spathotan said:
    The Q9550 has already droped below $300 at newegg, its at $295.

    Thanks for the responses.

    What was the Q9550 at originally?
  6. Its been at $320 since about mid last year, it even went as high as $325 two days ago.
  7. It was also at $600 for a while initially. It only dropped to ~$300 IIRC around the end of August.
  8. the core i7 920 is gr8 :ouch: processor but the motherboard and the ddr3 ram are expensive...when the cost will decrease of i7 supported motherboards and dd3 rams? :)
  9. DDR3 will drop as it becomes more mainstream. I don't know if it will drop as far as DDR2 (since all of the Ram manufacterers seem to be on the verge of bankruptcy), but it should drop some.
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