Unusual High temperatures..

hi i built a system recently, the specs are as follows..

CPU: Phenom II X4 955 3.2Ghz (stock AMD cooler)
RAM: A Data DDR3 1066
MB: Gigabyte GA-MA785GGT-UD3H
AGP: Gugabyte HD 4870 1GB
Case: random case.

After doing some reading on the forum i think my cpu idle/load temperatures are really high.
it idles at 45C and 60-62C underload (prime95)

i have tried to vaccum and clean the fan and reapplied thermal paste properly i.e. use cleaner to clean heatsink and cpu before reapplying. I am using Akasa 450 silver compound.

Currently i have 2 80mm fans sucking air out from rear, 1 80mm side fan sucking air in, and 1 120mm frontal fan sucking air in.

i am really bothered by the high temperature :( i bought a new cooler (OCZ vandette 2) but its too large it wont fit in my case :(

but even with the vandetta 2 running in an open case environment it still idles at 40C?
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  1. the vendetta 2 isnt the best cooler, but it should be a little cooler than that. Have you tried to re-seat it with the vendetta? Make sure you dont use to MUCH thermal paste. Beginners tend to over-apply.
  2. i've only apply a thin layer, as advised by the forum members. i just cant think of anything i;ve done wrong =/

    i have to resolve to undervolting the CPU now for a lower temp :(
  3. What fan do you have on the heatsink?
  4. it includes a 120mm fan. i know its not the best on the market but i was expecting a good drop in temperature.
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