Need help configuring my SSD.

All right, so I have an Intel X25-M 80GB and two Spinpoint F3 Drives in RAID 0 using Intel Southbridge controller. Now I hear that there is a new Rapid Storage Technology driver from Intel that enables TRIM support when running SATA as RAID mode. Now how do I go about installing that. I think I did it correctly but I need to make sure. Now I also am having some performance issues on my SSD. Today I just freshly installed the SSD with Win 7 Ultimate. I am getting HD Tune Pro Average Read speeds below what I am supposed to ~190MB. What do i need to do to optimize the performance?
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  1. Someone please help? Anyone?
    Hook a brother up with an answer?
  2. Post your benchmarks? Nothing to look at now...

    HDTune Pro standard benchmark
    HDTune Pro File benchmark
    HDTune Pro Random Access benchmark (read/write)

    If you can post those, that would be great and would show if your SSD was not performing properly.

    Did you install the new Intel RAID drivers already?
  3. Thanks there, i decided to to a secure erase and reinstall windows. I have not done this yet, but i wil make sure to select the drive drivers DURING the instal, that way i make sure TRIM is on before any writing occurs. I will post back with benchmarks after that. Thanks for the reply. Very much appreciated.
  4. If you use the SSD on the Intel RAID controller; that would mean its handled by the Intel RAID drivers; not the Microsoft AHCI driver. That means that by default, TRIM would be disabled on your drive.

    You can only get TRIM by using the Microsoft AHCI driver, or by setting your Intel SATA controller to AHCI mode instead of RAID.

    The controller may mix both RAID and AHCI, but i have no experience with this.
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