Replacing 500 gb hdd to 1 tb hdd

i would like to replace my 500gb hd and put in 1 tb hd. Do i just do a back up on it and put my 500gb hd on my other computer ( back up computer in case my main computer acts up)
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  1. Download the free version of Acronis True Image.
    Install the new drive as a secondary drive. Then start Acronis, and using the option to mirror your current drive to the new drive, follow the directions, they are straight forward and simple. After you are done, you will have an exact copy of your 500gig drive on the 1 TB drive, the 1 tb drive will now be the C:, or boot drive, and your old 500 gig drive will be the secondary drive, and it will have all the information still intact on it as well.

    This all is of course assuming you want everything to be just exactly the same, you just want it all on the new 1 tb drive, and the 1 TB drive to be the new boot drive.
  2. Thanks a bunch JTpublisher. I didn't want to do a raid 0,even though i hear a lot of plus and minus of putting hd in raid array. Again thanks so much. Good Day.
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