4870x2, just using 1 of them, will it work?

Hi guys, this will appear like a super stupid question, but I would just like to clarify to avoid confusion. Is it possible for me to purchase the 4870x2 and just use one of them? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161242

Because if so, I can share it with another friend can't I? It will be so much cheaper than just buying the single card.
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  1. no dude, you've got the wrong idea.
    4870x2 is two of 4870 in 1 card. they are almost double the speed of single 4870 and can only be use for 1 computer at a time. If by sharing you mean taking it out of your computer and put it in your friend computer in vice versa then, yes; however, If you mean to by split it in half physically and put one in your computer and other in your friend computer then that would be , no.
  2. oh gosh, i thought it comes with 2 cards in the same retail box. Thanks dude!
  3. Haha a morning laugh ty
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  5. shouldn't laugh but this is funny :DD
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