How accurate is GPU-Z's VDDC Current

And what does it really mean? I'm guessing since it displays the number with an A after it means amps (25.7A currently). Does it mean the amps it pulling from the 12v rail?
I have Goggled and really can't find an answer.

The reason I'm wondering is because I'm running an Q6600 @3.0 with 3 sata drives, 5 fans, and a 4870. I have seen GPU-Z at 40+ VDDC. It makes me wonder if it's putting a strain on my HX520.
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  1. It's as good as the sensor hardware and the calibration of the software in cpu-z.
    But you have 36 amps across 2 rails so you should be ok.
  2. your setup will consume no more than 380watts. My previous setup is a 4850 crossfire on a 520 - Q6600 at 3.6 with 4 drives.....
  3. Bobb and Cow, thanks for the info.
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