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Installed WD 2 TB HDD, BIOS & disk mngmt not detecting it. I already formated it using an external drive unit, disk mngmt detects it there also my computer. But when i install it in the computer internally it is not recognized. running vista, 32 bit, abit av8, amd 64 dual core. need help!
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  1. Is the HDD a model WD2001FASS or WD20EARS by any chance?
  2. Big Sector drives should still be detected by the BIOS, if anything it'll be the SATA 1.50 ports not autodetecting SATA 3.0 drives.

  3. not cables, tried different ones & they work on an seagate 400 gb hdd.
    2 tb is a modle wd20eads.
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