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I am currently running 2 4850's in a motherboard capable of "Spyder" (Running 4 ati video cards). I run 3 monitors and find that I like keeping the 2nd and 3rd displays going while gaming (TV on one, Temp and other monitoring stuff on the other) while gaming on my primary. This means I dont utilize crossfire often.

My question is if I add a 3rd video card, when enabling crossfire can I enable it across two of the cards while still running the 3rd seperate for my other two monitors, or would crossfire have to be activated across all 3 cards at once?

Basically I want to have two cards running in crossfire and have a 3rd card still running two other monitors.... Also, will an ATI Certified Thermaltake Toughpower 750watt PSU be enough to handle 3 4850's. (Keep in mind 1 would draw less power since not being used for gaming and not being crossfired with the other two)...
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  1. I do believe you could do that seeing as all of the best scaling really comes from 2 cards in crossfire not really so much from 3.
  2. Im not too sure if the crossfire and single would work but i would recommend an 850w psu. i am running 2 4850's with 2 hard drives and 4gb's of ddr3 ram and an msi x38 platinum and my 700w arctic power seems to struggle.
  3. sorry i forgot, i am also running a q6600 at 3.2ghz
  4. My corsair Vx550 (550 Watt) runx 4850X2 + stand alone 4850 just fine...peaking at 615 watt max when running 3d mark wantage... Remember that corsair stuf are great quality and even tho its rated at 550w its safe up to 670...

  5. how do you know that it's struggling charlzz?
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