Overclocking a EVGA Geforce 8400GS 256mb

Hello, i've just overclocked my EVGA geforce 8400gs 256mb

From: (core:459/shader:918/memory:399) mhz
Idle: 53c Full load: 69c

To: (648/1296/493)
Idle:56c Full load: 76c

I've tried to put core at 675 mhz, but it failled. There had black and white artifacts. (artifacts at 70c)

I've also tried to put memory clock to 513 mhz, it also failed, my system Hanged. (hangs at 70c)

So it now runs safe at 648/1296/493.

All with stock cooling

with 3d mark 2003:

From stock clocks:
average FPS: (in game order) 1- 143.3 2- 41 3- 35 4- 40
total 3DMark 03 score: 5797

To: (again with 3dmark 2003)
1- 180.1 2- 52.6 3- 45 4- 52.5
Total 3DMark 03 score: 7409

What you guys think about it? Is there a way i could overclock more ?
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  1. You could increase the voltages to achieve higher clock speeds.


    Has instructions for both hard mod and pencil mod. This can easily damage your GPU and it's warranty will be void. Try at your own risk.
  2. Okay, i don't think ill go with volt mods. So i've achieved the max of my card with stock voltages ?
  3. bump
  4. Well if the temperature is the problem you might add additional fans or replace the stock cooler of your GPU with a custom one but i don't think a 8400 is worth the effort.
  5. like yaang said put a fan on it as most of the 84gs didnt have em also you could attach a bigger heat sink to it a bit of thermal paste and arildite does the trick did it for years with the gefore 6-7 serious which alot were faultly but this always seemed to keep them alive. you must be hard up for cash or extemely bored to bother overclocking that card they dont still sell a weaker stock card that i know of
  6. Jason: both.

    Yaang: The temperatures are fine, 82c full load. But i shouldnt get artifacts at that temperature. And my card already has the stock heatsink / fan.
  7. I looked around and it seems the max temperature it's core can function at is 80C
  8. i saw that it can go 90c+ aslong it doesnt hits 96c
    wait, im wrong, it hits 76c max, sorry
    my mistake.
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