My computer doesn't read some cd/dvd's

I tried to play Dvd's and CD's in my computer.. some work just fine but some just won't play or load at all.. the latest CD i tried was "left 4 dead" It was a game i just bought.. I tried inserting the disk but then it wouldn't load.. when i go to "my computer" the Drive D is blank.. when I try to right-click it and click explore, It's empty.. I tried my Cd of "battle realms" and my computer read it right away.. I just don't know what to do anymore.. Can somebody pls help? =)
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  1. That happened to me before, some discs read, some didn't. I just went and bought a new drive and everything was fine after that. Never did narrow down the cause though, but didn't think twice about it since drives are so cheap these days.
  2. wah!
    I hate it.. =(
    You can't Trust anything To last for good..
    i hate it when this happen...
    i just find it wierd coz i just Inserted "battle realms " CD, the CPU read it right away..
  3. I've came across a few drives that just get fussy in their old age, and a couple that were just rubbish from the start.
  4. softwre for some cd not read my computer
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