New Build Not Posting

PC Power & Cooling 500W Silencer
Corsair XMS3 2x1Gb DDR3 1600 PC3 12800
XFX Geforce GTX 260
Intel P4 560j 3.6Ghz 800Mhz FSB

So my new rig isn't posting. When I turn it on it runs for about 10s, restarts itself, and runs indefinitely. It won't post, won't give me any beep codes. I tried the RAM in DIMMs 3 &4, then 1 in 3 and 1 in 4. I tried it with no memory at all and same thing, no beep codes, no posting. Also put in my old eVGA Geforce 8600 GT. I called ASUS and their tech guy was dumber than I was. He had no suggestions whatsoever other than suggesting that I send it to them to flash the bios (which I can do myself w/ the USB flash utility).

I'm guessing that either P4 or the RAM isn't compatible. I took a chance that the P4 was compatible since on the ASUS website for this board it does not list P4, but all of the other P5Q3 versions did. The ASUS tech couldn't confirm either. He said their spec lists didn't reference the P4 one way or the other for this board but since the others did and the differences are small he assumed it would be fine.

If that's true, and not that he instilled much confidence in me, I guess it's probably the RAM. Looking more closely (which I should have done first) the ASUS manual says that it supports CM3X1024-1600C7DHXIN(XMP). I have two sticks of 1600C9DHX (differences being CAS Latency 7 or 9 and DHX vs DHXIN). I've read differing reviews but most says that RAM has been a big problem for this board. Some have said it's very particular but others have listed the same RAM I'm using and it's working fine.

Will bad or incompatible RAM cause a rig to not post at all? Even so, wouldn't it give a beep code when no RAM is installed? Since it's not giving a beep code when there is no RAM is that an indication that the MB is a dud?

Any suggestions would be appreciated
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  1. I hope like hell you didn't really put a P4 chip in a new build. :ouch: Even a stock E5200 lays waste to a P4.

    Anyway, did you remember to plug the 4/8-pin CPU power connecter to the motherboard?

    The CPU power connector is in the lower, left of the picture. It is an 8-pin connector with a cover over 4 pins. It is probably the most commonly missed thing on a new build.
  2. Yes I had the 4pin power connector in, although it's non-adjacent location to the 20pin connector did throw me off at first.

    And the P4 is a remnant from my old system, an e8400 or a q9550 will follow but i didn't want to drop all the $ at once. I am aware it's crap, I just am not 100% it's compatible... and apparently neither is ASUS lol
  3. Hmm, I will add that my PSU comes w/ both a 4pin and an 8pin connector. I only tried it with the 4pin.
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