Setting up RAID 0; can't boot up.

I'm trying to set up RAID 0 on my two WD Caviar Black 750GB HDDs. I have Windows 7 installed on my other hard drive, which I'm not using for RAID.

So I go into my bios (motherboard is Asus M4A79XTD) and set up the RAID array with my two hard drives. But then, I can't boot up for some reason, which is weird because I haven't touched my boot-up disk at all. Taking them back off of RAID, I can boot up just fine. Anyone know what's going on?

If I had to guess, I'd say that it's because of the RAID functionality of my mobo and BIOS. To turn on RAID, I have to set Sata ports 1-4 to RAID, all of them. That includes my hard drive I boot up with. So maybe the mobo thinks that I also have the boot-up disk set to RAID so it doesn't work...?
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  1. Because your boot disk will be on RAID-controller when you enable RAID on the SATA1-4 ports, you need to install RAID-drivers on your system disk prior to setting the controller to RAID mode. That's pretty logical; as when you change the mode from AHCI to RAID; your system/boot disk will not be accessible via AHCI anymore. Thus its only logical your boot fails.
  2. Ok, so I've just installed the RAID drivers from the CD that came with my mobo (silly me), but it still doesn't work. I'm setting the two HDDs to RAID, and then trying to boot up from my boot disk, but it still crashes just like before. BSOD pops up for a split second, and the system immediately restarts.
  3. Does your motherboard have any additional SATA ports than 1-4? Some allow ports 5 and 6 to run in AHCI while the others run in RAID mode. Also, some motherboards have additional controllers that pack additional SATA ports, often these have different colours than the chipset-powered SATA ports.
  4. Aha, I've finally found those Sata 5-6 ports. Turns out they were on the SIDE of my motherboard, instead of just stucking up like everything else.

    So I was able to successfully boot... but the RAID 0 array doesn't seem to be detected by my system. I've gone into Disk Management and they're not there, either. What could it be now?

    Also, I've noticed that whenever I switch my Sata 1-4 ports to RAID, my HDDs connected to them aren't detected anymore. Could it be that my hard drives aren't RAID compatible? I've actually read in some places that the most recent ones don't work with RAID.

    Then again, they're detected when I go into the RAID configuration. It reads my two drives as connected into a 1.5TB drive, and is functional. That's the only place where it seems to be detected though; it's not detected in the BIOS or by Windows.
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