Is there a way to Overclock the AMD athlon II x2 240 chip

Hello, has anyone actually overclocked sucessfully the AMD Athlon IIx2 240 chip on a msi k9n6pgm2-v2 board and if so can you please help me? what was your configuration and the steps I need to do to get it that way, I do have 4 gig of memory running at 800mhz and that is the highest I can go this is the Regor chip. I do have a somewhat good vid card too, Nvidia geforce 210 (works for what I need it for, but would love to get more out of it if I can)
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  1. In bios, lock your cpu voltage to 1.35 set increase your fsb 10 or 5 at time until fails to boot, drop 10 fsb then do stability test:eg occt 30min if you wanna go higher, 2hours if it's high enough, Also make your memory run the slowest possible, eg set fsb:ram 1:2 225 fsb x 2 = 500mhz or setable @ 333/400mhz x2 = 667/800mhz , increase it back up when you got your overclock
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