Asus P5E3 Premium and OCZ3N2000SR2GK? Known issues?

Hello everyone:

I have the above mentioned motherboard and memory laying around collecting dust (still packaged) and am planning on building a new system for my Dad's B-day.

I will be using a Q9550 cpu (have yet to purchase) and OCZ 700 watt psu (already own, collecting dust). Does anyone know of any issues between this RAM and motherboard? I have used this RAM with my 790i SLI FTW and it worked great, but I haven't had any real luck finding info as to the RAM compatibility with the X48 chipset on this particular motherboard. I am trying to use all of my old parts to save some $$$$ and am just trying to get some insite from anyone that has heard of or tried out a similar set-up.
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  1. Sorry for the post under wrong subtitle.
  2. Well thanks for the response. I already own the MB and memory... the P5E3 Premium... so ofcourse I have to try it out. Loosen the timings some, play with the voltage some, etc. I already know for a fact this mentioned memory works great with the Q9550 I just couldn't find any info on the web with this particular combination. This named memory is cheap; atleast way cheaper than a few months ago. Anyhow, DDR2 isn't an option and with my limited funds for this particular build I AM going to try it out since I already own it, but I am uncertain. Perhaps the best thing to do is get on the phone with OCZ and/or Asus. Just busy during business hours and have most my time during the midnight hours when the business is ofocurse, closed.

    Curious, why are you so certain this memory will not work? Some elaboration would be nice of you:).

    Thanks again.
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