Problems with OC Athlon 64 x2 5000 black edition

I have a problem right now with oc'ing my athlon 64x2 5000 black edition cpu. Here's a list of what I have hardware wise:

Asus M3A78 Pro w/ 780G chip set

2 gig kingston memory 6400 manually set for 5-5-5-15

Cooling is a Arctic Freezer 64 Pro ( air cooled w/ fan ) also have arctic silver on

operating sys is XP

Video card is Nvidia Geforce 9800GT

At this time I have the cpu running at 2.9 ghz with a voltage of 1.300volts and Multiplier of 14.5. I haven't touched any other settings at this time. I would like to try to get at least 3.10 maybe a little more if I can. But anytime I go over 2.9 Ghz the system will blue screen during start up after bios has run but before login. Any suggestions?
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  1. Sorry but I forgot to mention that the power supply is a 550 watt and that I have a Coolmaster case with 4 120 mm fans one at the bottom pulling air in, one on front pulling in, one on back expelling air and one on top expelling air out.
  2. You need to increase you cpu vcore, with higher clock speed comes higher voltage to power it. You should reach 3.1-3.3Ghz with 1.4V depending on how good your specific chip is.
  3. I had increased my vcore and had that problem before posting. I've also had to back off of the 2.9 to 2.8 because my sys had blue screened and rebooted.
  4. More vcore. Try 1.375 and push it more. If your temps are good, then go for a vcore of 1.4v and push some more. I woudn't push a higher vcore than that, but you could so long as your temps are good when you stress test it. My non BE Athlon 5000 X2 went up to 3.24GHz with my 92mm cooler.
  5. You might need to increase the HT speed as well. Your chip might not be able to handle the higher multiplier settings. Do you still have to lock the HT multiplier with these chips?
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