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Hi, there is an article from Toms Hardware about overclocking the PD805 and I wanted to know how safe is it to overclock this cpu where so many articles on the web say that you should not let the cpu hit its max temp, or that it can make it not last as long when it does. In this article they get well above the 64 degrees C when they are doing the cpu stress tests, and from what I understand you should not even let the cpu go to the 64C or above and please tell me if I am wrong, I would love to overclock this cpu and have more speed, but I dont want to lessen the life of it as well as stress it to where it could stop working. Some times I do video encoding and that can be maxing the cpu for an hour or so sometimes and I would think that would be detrimental to the cpu if it is at 64C or above overclocked. The article link, and I have linked the page where it shows the temps they recorded. Thanks for any help!,1253-25.html
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    Get a decent copper based cooler and make sure that your board can hold up to the power consumption but 3ghz is safe but I killed my P5N-sli board when running one 805 at 3.5ghz for to long and the VRM started to fail (coils). 3ghz starting is a safe bet.
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