Samsung "SpinPoint F3 freezes my OS

Hi all.
About a month ago I've bought a new "Samsung "SpinPoint F3 #HD502HJ" 500GB (7200rpm 16MB SATA2) to use as a second HDD for storing files, when I installed and formated the HDD Windows didn't make it as a Logical Partition but a diffferent one (I forgot how it was named) I just know that it didn't had the same options as the Logical, then after about 3 days i've decided to make it a Logical partition, formated again, all good, after this I've noticed some issues, the system is slow and sometimes freezes for a few moments, I didn't gave to much notice then I had to go abroad and I left my Comp to my sister she didn't used it for about 2 weeks and then when she tried to use it and she said to me that it is very slow, in many cases freezing and she had to restart it again and again until somehow it works, a friend of mine reinstalled the OS (Windows XP Pro) all god but just for one day, the second day same problems, the OS loads you see the desktop but can't do anything because the system is frozen, then after a few restarts it works well, I must say the the OS is installed on another 80 GB Samasung HDD, what can be the problem and what can I do to fix it ? Waiting for a quick response, thank you in advance.
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  1. Quote:
    A backup hdd should show up as it's own drive letter such as D if your primary drive is C. Not what sure what you mean by doesn't make it as a logical partition.

    Why not load your OS on your new faster drive?

    pfff how to say, when I formated first time there was no option to format as NTFS and stuff like that just formated and when I went to Disk management and I saw it was a don't know exactly but something with "virtual drive...bla bla bla", then I backed up my files and formated again as a NTFS Logical Driver.
    The first HDD is fast too (7200 rpm), 80 GB for my primary partition is enough.
    For example yesterday in the morning my sister restarted the OS 4 times because it was freezing imediately as the user Profile loaded, but in evening the OS was working fine...I'll connect remotely in one hour to check the Event Viewer, how do you think should I test the HDD with "HD Tune" or which HDD testing tool is better ?
  2. I've just talked to my sister and she said that it was freezing again, but if the computer is switched off for about 5 minutes then switched on it's working fine..
  3. I can't test it with the Samsung tool because I have to boot from FDD or CD-ROM but I'm broad at the moment.
    Yes I understand waht you say, the F3 is much better but If I'll partition the F3 then practicly I will not need the 80 GB HDD, but this is not the issue, why the OS is freezing simetimes or very slow ?
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