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I have an 8800GTS 512mb and the nVidia drivers released right after Far Cry 2, so they are about a month old. I am running Vista x64

I hooked my PC up to my TV via a DVI to HDMI cable and am having a problem getting the screen positioned on the TV. The nVidia control panel allows me to stretch the desktop, but it does not allow me to reposition the whole thing. I have the desktop stretched to the best fit I can and there is still a black bar on top.

nVidia control panel help said there should be an option "adjust screen size & position" and it simply is not there. I dont have it in front of me but it should be under the category that says something like TV & Video or something similar. It is missing completely.

I am assuming this is a feature they have not yet included for the Vista version of nVidia control panel, so is there anything else I can use to reposition the screen? Is there any version that will allow me to do this on vista? I just need to move the entire screen upwards, if I stretch it to reach the top it will cut the bottom off.

Thanks a lot
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  1. Why do people -want- to use Vista and a 64 bit OS to run 32 bit programs and then wonder why they have troubles? :pt1cable:
  2. You porb need to check your menu when your in that hdmi part of your tv check your tv resolution see if it's set = to your comptuer resolution.

    I have a 720 32" from LG and all i had to do is use a RGB cable to the tv and set that tv res to 1360x768 on the tv via menu and comp res to that and I didn't have to adjust anything fit just fine.

    Don't see why a digital signal needs adjustment of size on tv. I've only had adjustment issues when i used componet cables to hook it up to my tv. And i adjusted the picture mostly from the tv settings not so much on the computer settings.
  3. TV is 720P, Outputting in 720P it all matches up

    I just have to reposition it.

    I have to run 64-bit to handle the ram, that is the only reason
  4. Hum odd cuz i only had the problem of size when it was set on 1280x768 on my tv. Also repostion it the tv should be able to handel position.
  5. Yeah, my TV handles position in "PC Mode" which is when you hook up the blue plug. When I hook it up through HDMI I lose the option.
  6. I find it odd that a digital signal doesn't fit the tv if it's a supported signal the tv should scale it to fit it self. Frankly the one advantage of hdmi is that you dont need an extra sound cable out of your computer to the tv not a hassle for me maybe for you. Only analog signals should need adjustments. Also just try installing the new nvidia drivers that came out like yesterday
  7. The TV says 720p, and nVidia control panel gives me the choices 480p, 720p, 1080i. I had it set to 1280x720 in windows and once I saw 720p in control panel I clicked that and it didnt change anything. I dunno, it just doesnt match up pixel for pixel the way it is.
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