I7 920 D0 - Looking for your Low Voltage Results

Hey all,

I just received a new D0 stepping 920 and will begin the process of overclocking this evening. I have identified the following goals:

Run ~ 3.33 GHz w/ Turbo enabled. (Simulating a 975)
Fully utilize my DDR-3 1600 (7-7-7-24) OCZ RAM - i.e. no 1066 speeds and no CL8 operation.
Do it all with as low of voltage as possible to maintain stability (8+ hour Prime95)

Currently CPU-Z shows the following voltages under Auto on my P6T MB:

When running at x12 under speedstep: 0.983 V
When running at x20 under load: 1.14V

I am hoping to get some feedback from the Forum here as to the lowest voltages (CPU, Uncore, QPI/DRAM, etc.) you have achieved both under Stock speeds and OCed.

I know each chip is different but any data as a guideline will help. Thanks in advance.
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  1. There is very little reason to decrease the voltage of the chip when overclocking. I was wondering why exactly are you doing this? All it will do is add less heat. MORE voltage will make it MORE stable. ;)
  2. And less heat is very good isn't it?
    Me for example, at stock my processor runs at 2.8 (turbo enabled) with 1.25V as you should know... overclocking it i reached 3.2 stable with 1.0625V... and i droped like 5 or 6 ºC even running a 24% overclock
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