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I'm sure that this has been discussed before, but I've searched a bit and couldn't find anything current.

Where is the hardware community in finding workarounds for resolving fuzzy text on non-native resolutions on LCDs? Are there any prospects on the video card side? I've tried cleartype on all the LCDs I own and it's pretty much worthless.

The typical LCD with 19-22" @1600+ resolution produces text that is way too small for me. I'm looking for an equivalent of 19" @800 x 600 but without the fuzzy text.
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  1. Have you gone into the display properties selected settings then gone to advanced and upped the DPI ? This will increase the text size.

  2. I did it once back when I bought my first LCD. You have to set it up in the video card control panel. It's a custom setting that has something about using the monitor as a t.v..... or setting it to t.v. After you set it you have to hit the test button to see if it takes. Sorry I cant be more helpful but it will take the fuzziness out. I think the new video cards and drivers take care of that for you now. I haven't had the problem with my last few cards. Call the tech team from the company who's card you bought.
  3. This may seem obvious but make sure you keep the aspect ratio the same... that is if you have a 22" Wide Screen at 1650 x 1050 you want to divide both numbers evenly so you may try 1100 x 700 (which is you can get by dividing both #'s by 1.5)

    Again, that may be obvious but to get a resolution like 1100 x 700 you may have to download your graphics card software (not just the driver) to get special resolutions not normally listed under windows
  4. Which program do you want bigger txt in?

    If its a web browser its usually ctrl and + at the same time to make txt bigger.

    If its office software then make the changes there ,

    but leave the resolution at native
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