Overclocking my new I7 Box, PLEASE HELP??

Hi, I just built a new box Coolermaster HAF w/3 200mm fans, Corsair h50 cpu cooler with a 120mm fan on each side one blowing air through it and one sucking air through it (the radiador I mean) I7 920 CPU, three 2 gig sticks of OCZ ddr3 2000mhz, a Ati Radeon 4650 1gb graphics card 1 1.5tb hard drive 5900 rpm, 1 500gb hd @7200 rpm running Win 7 ULT.
On an ASUS Rampage ii Gene MB.
I am at 3.37 ghz using cpu level up the voltages seem kind of high as do the temps after reading a lot of the threads on here.
CPU temp 61c ,Nb61, SB 44c and MB 25c, CPU voltage 1.32 from cpuz multiplier is at 21 bus speed at 160.5
then asus pcprobe 2 says cpu 58c, 1.32 volts on cpu cpu pll 1.83 ,qpvdram 1.4v ,ioh 1.17v , ioh pcie 1.51v , ich 1.11v , dram bus 1.58v , and 3.3v @3.28v ,5v @5.05v , 12v @12.31v I would like to get a stable system at 3.6-4.0ghz the lowest possable voltage and temps. I think the temps I have now should be lower under no load they are in the low 30's but shouldn't they be even lower with what I have for cooling? I'm suspecting the voltage is too high for what the clock is. and when non cpu level up it runs at 2802.2 or so at 1.2 v roughly. Any HELP WOULD BE GREAT!!! :D
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  1. K, thanks and the 4650 was only 99 bucks had to cut cost some where.
  2. Ok bsclk at 150
  3. Quote:
    LMAO at the 4650

    Leave everything on auto and set the Bclk to 150 and reboot. Report back afteryou did that

    So i put the base clock to 150 and the DRAM voltage went through the roof 32.30 something. I have never overclocked before and don't want to mess up my sys. oh and the gpu is HD4670 sorry.
  4. Read the guide that i made. Its a great place for beginners.
  5. overshocked said:
    Read the guide that i made. Its a great place for beginners.

    OK, I did , but you know what I just tryied is drop the CPU voltage when in CPU LVL UP dropped from 1.3125@3.2ghz to 1.16250 @the same without changing anything else. Is that OK????file:///C:/Users/ROB/Desktop/show_oc.php.htm
    check this link if you can or let me know how to send you my stats.
    ANY Help is GREATLY Welcomed!!!!!
    Also if you need any and all info let me know also do you know a good screen shot app????
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    It is fine to drop the voltage, but the only thing it will do is drop the temp a little. It will not help you overclock.

    To take a screen shot hit ctrl+ print screen then go into paint and paste it. Then you need to upload it using image shack or other image uploader.
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