Strange problems with my motherboard.

This is my full system config with the ages

Intel original p965 ry (1 yr)
Core 2 duo e6600 (1.5 yr)
3* 1gb ddr2 667mhz RAM (1.5 yr max)
MSI 8600GT 512 mb ddr2 graphic card (Just got a brand new on replacement)
Sony dvd writer
HDD0 => 160 Gb seagate SATA ( 6 month)
HDD1 => 500 gb seagate SATA2 32mb buffer (1 month)
1 led and 1 normal 80 mm fan attached
OS => Windows Vista ultimate 64-bit (updated regularly)
Graphics drivers and other drivers(except the bios) are also update regularly.

Now i have many problems......

1) For past three months, i am experiencing problems while playing heavy 3d games, specially DX10 ones. I remember that i played crysis warhead properly and then i bought far cry 2. The game runs fine with all settings set to high and a resolution of 1280*1024. But whenever i press a key or move the mouse, the game response after 500-600 ms.... just like a lag while paying online. it is not that the graphic settings are set to too high because the graphics accelerates smoothly, they only response late. When i pulles the the shader setting to DX9, only then i was able to play the game smoothly. With dx9, i was able to play the game with very high settings. I tried to tone down the graphic settings to lowest in DX10 mode, but the problem persists. Same happened with other games like NFS undercover and GTA4. I thought that this was my graphic card's problem, so i send it for replacement, and after a months waiting, i found the problem as it is. So, is it the motherboard or the graphic card. I know it is hardware problem as i have optimized my PC really well.

2) From past one week, my computer is making a strange and sharp beep like noise like that of a UPS or like you hear from a mike when it is turned on. Sometimes it is loud, sometimes it is low. Sometimes it shouts continuously, sometimes it occurs for short period. It occurs for no reason and nothing is changed on the working of the pc. It is not the regular beep sound from the motherboard and i am not sure that where it is coming from, thus assuming the motherboard. This shrill noise is really freaking me out and i dont know wheather this is going to harm my PC. Sometimes i feel like it is going to explode. I do no overclocking, then whay is this happening. Is this realted to some power supply issue???

3) I mentioned my complete configeration and feel like that my pc is not working upto its potential. Is it the power supply or it is just me.....

Plz guys, help me out.....
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  1. I came in this forum with so many hopes.... but all in vain....
    Is there anybody who can atleast reply whats happening here....
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