Which 24in Monitor?

Buying 24in monitor for gaming (50%), movies (30%), and general (20%). Going w/Q9550 & 4870 1 gig

Thinking about these so far:

BenQ V2400W

BenQ E2400HD

Acer P243W

What do you guys recomend and what is the diff between the 2 BenQs?
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  1. i trust acer... benq doesn't look that bad, but if i had to pick one, iw ould pick the 1980x1200 one, which is $70 more, not worth it IMO
  2. those all look terrible and some have complaints of bleedthrough on the first page... just get a dell 24" -HC and you will be very happy.
  3. I personally own the acer and love it. No dead pixels, good color etc. My only problem with it is that the light starts to fade or get more intense towards the edges of the screen. Normally it isn't a big deal at all, i can't even notice it. But when im watching a movie with a lot of darks / blacks it gets pretty obvious.
  4. isn't the dell $600?...
  5. I've been very tempted to buy a SAMSUNG 26" LCD 1080p HDTV from either SAM'S club or COSTCO. When they have them in stock SAM'S is the cheapest @ $500. A lot more functionality that a simple monitor.
  6. bump*
  7. As usual, you tend to get what you pay for.
    Look at the 160/160 viewing angle. You have to keep your head positioned directly in front of the monitor to avoid having the screen look washed out. Compare it to the top Samsung 245T with 178/178.
  8. yeh but it costs so much more :(
  9. ive bought the benq g2400wd which is almost same in spec to the BenQ V2400W
    but the g2400wd looks a lot better style wise, only bad point is stand is fixed and only thing it does is tilt, but this isnt a problem with me, the pic is great and 1:1 pixel mapping so u cant moan for the price
  10. the acer also has 1:1 pixle mapping, just fyi
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