Blue screen/Crashes/Error message/Restarts.

For quite a while now iv'e been having some seriously annoying problems with my computer, i run all sorts of checks on my
Components even use optimizing tools, but still nothing, it just doesn't seem to want to admit it has a problem.

Im not quite sure of the problem in hand but after reading a few of other peoples posts alot of them have helped and alot of comments have helped also.

Problems iv'e been experiencing are as listed below:

Blue screen of death!!!
Instant crashes and then either reboots or will find and fix the problem ( not telling me what the ****** is! :D.
Error messages starting from problems with my graphics card/drivers ("Display driver stopped responding, and hes recovered") to Hard disk failures (even after running multiple checks on my C: drive and finding no errors/faults what so ever.
Instant restarts have been the most annoying of all, it just seems to want to reboot every now and then (now and then being every 5 minutes), the main happening of this problem is when im playing any games.

I have ran all different tests on all of my components and i have check and installed ALL! of the latest drivers for all of my components,
the only thing i can come to as a conclusion of my situation is that my PSU is not producing enough power, but I realy can't see why, i was just wandering if anyone had any ideas of what to do, or any clues on what the problem may be or what's causing it, cheers , kane.

Windows vista Ultimate
AMD athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual core processor 5200+ 2.70GHz
2.00GB Corsair RAM
S-series GIGABYTE Motherboard- GA-MA77O-DS3
ATI Radeon X1950 Pro Ice Q3 PCI-express 256MB GDDR3 2x Dual Link DVI Turbo (590MHz engine clock) and (1.54GHz Memory clock).
X-Fi extreme audio sound blaster
Ben Q 22" Widescreen LCD monitor
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  1. I does sound like it could be PSU related, especially as it happens when gaming, as this is going to be when you are drawing most power. I had similar symptoms with a dodgy power unit in my old P4 system a few years ago. I would suggest at least testing with a known good PSU.
    (If the PSU is at fault then get a replacement from a good known brand; Antec, Enermax, Corsair, Thermaltake, Silverstone.)
    It could also be things like a dodgy strip of memory, - try memtest86.
    It could be a thermal issue because your heatsinks are full of dust so whip your cover off and give it all a good clean out - and do this every 6 months!
  2. Definitely sounds like the PSU is going belly up. follow MMclachlan´s recommendations.
  3. yeah i realy do think its the PSU myself because i link my GPU and HDD directly to the PSU itself nothing else on no DVD drives or lights etc it works ok but only for a while i will try whiping it down now cheers m8.
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