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My pc has broken and i cannot work out what is wrong with it, i think it is something to do with the PSU or the Motherboard:

C2D E8200
Gigabyte GA-P35-D3SL
Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU

Right now i have the motherboard out of the case so there are no shorts, (PSU is out of case as well) and all that is connected to the motherboard is the PSU, CPU and RAM (the same thing happens with the RAM in or out of the RAM sockets, and whether it is all assembled in the case or not).

When you press the power button, the computer begins to boot up, and within about 2 seconds it cuts out, and there is no life. This process repeats over and over again without any pressing of the power button. Starts to boot, fans begin to spin, cuts out. No gfx card is connected (radeon HD4850), the same thing happens if it is in or out.

This problem began to occur when i was reinstalling a wireless card - Linksys WMP300N (Ver. 2). It appeared to be messing up the integrated sound (making it skip) and i was reinstalling it to try and fix the problem (requiring the card to be removed, software reinstalled and card re-inserted). After the card was inserted the system began to have this problem, and to my surprise when i removed the card the same thing happened. So im kinda wondering if the card bricked my motherboard.

Can anyone help? :(
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  1. Test with no RAM, should give continuous series of beeps! If not, is PSU, motherboard or CPU. You DO have the HSF unit mounted on CPU? :o

  2. Yeah i do have it mounted, ive tried this and the same thing happens, there are no beeps.

    However, when i remove the independent 12v rail connector (connecting the psu to a 12v socket at the top of the motherboard) and press the power button all the fans start spinning to maximum speed, and they dont stop. Obviously there is no POST but there is no cutting out like before.
  3. make sure your system has the little speaker attached or you wont have any beeping.
    I was looking for a beep code on mine one day after I screwed it up and guess what.
    I had to dig one out of a old case.
  4. yeah the speaker is connected and there is no beeping, in fact it doesnt even have a chance to beep, the power cuts out before any sort of boot up commences, literally the fans spin for about a second then quit.
  5. Try a known good PSU as first test.

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