Crashing while Gaming, please help

ok well i have had this strange problem for a while now, and i cannot stand it anymore.

when i first build my computer and got crysis, while playing, at random my computer would shut off. now this would happen 5 minutes in, 3 hours in, or sometimes not a all.. completely random.

now i had always thought, this is crysis its buggy.. bla bla so i let it go.. it happened about once a month with cod4.. so i didnt make a big deal of that.

but now i got cod5 yesterday, and it crashes within 10 minutes.

the interesting thing is.. i play the witcher, farcry 2, and fallout without any hitches.. theyve never crashed on me through extensive play, 5hrs + on fallout 3 at a time..

i upgrade my graphics card drivers and motherboard whenever a new one comes out. i have reformatted by comp 3 times now due to unrelated things and the problem persists.

my specs - antec 900 case, all fans highest settings, cpu runs at around 30 c idle and mobo 40-50. ( can check again if issue is important)

SLI EVGA 9800gtx's with nvidia 180.48 drivers

EVGA Nvidia 780I sli Motherboad with nvidia 20.08 drivers and 6.03 system drivers

Q9300 @ stock settings with core contact freezer cooler @ highest fan speed

2 western digital 500 gig HD's in Raid 0

Creative soundblaster fatality pro soundcard with latest drivers

4 gigs of corsair ram ( 2 sticks)

OCZ 680 watt PSU

Vista 64 bit home premium
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  1. the fact that there are games like Far Cry 2 that can run for hours without any problem leads me to believe that, perhaps, it could be driver issues. If Far Cry 2 can run without problem I think its safe to say there's no any hardware problem, since a hardware problem will show itself regardless of what game it is, as long as its graphically intense

    To comfrim this, try installing the old driver that came with the graphic card. See if any of the crash happens.

    Also remember that before installing a different driver, always remove the current one and reboot.
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