Need help with 4870 X2

I am trying to install drivers onto my HIS 4870 X2 but every time I download and install a new driver (8.11, 8.10) I restart and when windows begins to boot my screen flickers and I get BSOD and have to system restore. Is anyone else having this problem or know of a fix? or is my card dead?
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  1. did you remove all your old drivers from your old card before attempting to install the new drivers?
  2. o should have said its a new build everything is new so I don't have any drivers on it
  3. What is your complete hardward list?
  4. What are you usign for a power supply? Sounds like its choking from lack of power once windows starts to boot and puts a load on it. When you go from the boot screens into windows the power required goes up.
  5. Asus P5Q3
    4gb DDR3-1333 Corsair XMS3
    850w Thermaltake Toughpower
    Vista 64 bit
  6. Well the power supply should be fine, I'm running two 4870's on a 750 Toughpower with no problems.
  7. "The pc works with no ATI drivers installed, but as soon as i install the drivers, the computer blue screens & reboots when Vista attempts to get to the login screen ("failed to initialise VGA driver" blue screen error, and begins a memory dump). I have tried catalyst 8.7, and the previous beta versions. The pc is a new build with a fresh install of Windows, so there are no previous drivers to clean out.

    If i boot the machine in Safe mode and remove the drivers, i can start the pc as normal again. However i noticed in the device manager properties that there is a "the device cannot start (Code 10)" error. Vista can't even install the standard vga drivers. I don't have another PCI express video card that i can try."

    better description
  8. Sounds like a bad video card to me. If you have the drivers installed and you get the BSOD then it it probably that the drivers are initiating components in the card that are bad, which are left alone when the drivers are not installed.

    My two cents.
  9. ^+1.

    If you are getting a code 10 error it sounds like you got a faulty card. RMA it.
  10. yea i called tech support and they said it sounds like a bad card also, so its getting RMA'd, I really hope that its just a bad card and not something wrong with my mobo. Ill post my results when i get the new card.
  11. Well, got the new card today and still wont work. I am completely lost.
  12. I started a thread with the same problem with dual HIS 4870x2's, intel i7 965, 12gb ram, wd 300gb 10,000rpm hdd, 1000w modular corsair PS, Asus p6T mobo, windows vista X64 and cannot do anything to get it to boot once the drivers are installed.

    In the mean time i just did a fresh build Quad Core Q9550, Asus Rampage mobo, Thermaltake Toughpower 1200 watt PS, (great PS btw, better than the modular Corsair), 8gb DDR2 1066 Corsair Ram, wd 300gb 10,000 rpm hdd with a single Sapphire 4870x2 and windows Vista X64

    Now on the PC that will not boot, i have tried updating the bios, using only 1 card in each PCI 16x slot, reinstalled Vista 64 so many times and still cannot get it to boot. Like you said i can boot into safemode all day and fool around with things but the minute you install any ATI drivers and reboot it hands and BSOD's.

    The top PC i purchased prebuilt from IBUYPOWER and has not worked since i got it. The bottom pc i built from scratch from newegg.

    The only conclusion i can come up with is that the P6T (i7 board) is both SLI and Crossfire capable where the Rampage board is only Crossfire capable. Is it possible that this is causing a problem with ATI?

    Are you running the GFX card on its own rail of power or is it shared with the rest of the CPU? Are you having to use one of the Thermaltake reducer cables so that you can have the 6 and 8 pin connector plugged into the GFX card? Or maybe the HIS cards are all crap.... I am gonna either try and get a different vendor or unfortunately have to go with SLI cards on the i7 CPU.

    i might try and swap the HIS and Sapphire cards to see if they will work in the others computer... This would definetly tell if the HIS card is crap or if there is something wrong with the PC itself.

    I hope that some of my problems may shed some light onto yours and possibly help you out

  13. Had it working for about 30 mins last night, all i did was switch monitors and install the drivers and it worked fine for a while. after i had the drivers installed and everything working on my old NEC 17" i tried to switch back to my Acer 22" and still got the black screen, when I tried to go back to the NEC it wouldn't work either. guess i should have stayed with Nvidia after having no problems with their drivers for so many years.
  14. its now working on the NEC monitor but anytime i switch to my Acer it wont boot :(
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