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HI All,

I have a few questions, since im about to upgrade my gaming PC and don't want to waste money :) I've read up alot on RAID and the various modes by my questions are;

Can someone describe the best setup (using RAID, 10k rpm drives x2 or 3) for best performance, eg:

:1 drive with OS (+storage), 2 drives in RAID 0 for games - in this setup where should I put the pagefile?

:2 drives RAID0 for OS and 2 drives in RAID0 for games - im assuming this is the best performance but is it worth the extra cost?

:2 drives in RAID0 for OS and 1 drive for gaming - where does the pagefile go?

:insert your idea here, but try to balance a decent performance increase with cost

Please also try to include the realistic best performing stripe size for modern games, I'm assuming this would be 128k, since the files are generally larger, but would like some professional input :)

Your advice would be much appreciated!
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    Another option;

    2 RAID0 drives for OS+Games and 1 drive for storage - where would the pagefile go?
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    Need help please.
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