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My friend has a Intel Core2 Quad Q9550. His 3mark vantage score was like 10000p. The strange thing was he said his cpu score was a little above 55000. Which is faster than any cpu score ever submitted. I found this to be crazy considering he has a 2 year old processor. I wasn't there in person so I couldn't see it for my self. He sent me the 3dr file and I submitted it. His score seemed to be legit. It was set on performance but could any other settings affect this score. Am I missing something?
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  1. if he have a nvidia card he probably had physx turned on.
  2. Yea he has an nvidia evga 280. How does that effect the cpu score? Why don't they use physx to achieve the highest possible 3dmark rating.
  3. i think the graphics card helps the cpu in those cpu tests, thats why he got a very high score.
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