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I am trying to access a Compact flash card with an external card reader that has a USB connection to my laptop. The laptop senses that reader as it pops up in my computer as Drive F. When I attempt to access the card though it tells me it needs to format the card.

When I attempt to format the card it tells me Windows cannot format the card.

I have tried a couple of different cards in the laptop (different sizes and makes) and I always get the same result.

A friend of mine has a PC and he popped it into the CF port on that and it formatted the cards ok.

When I attempted to read the cards again (after formatting them on the PC) on my external CF Card reader, once again it tells me the card needs to be formatted. This dispite having formatted the cards on a PC already. We tried to read the card again on my friends laptop and it is also giving us a message that we need to format the card.

Does anyone know what could be the problem or have any suggestions as what I can do to resolve this?

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  1. Try deleting the partition first, then formatting it.
    Use GParted LiveCD to delete and format.
  2. Try this software:

    USB Flash drive tester,1000000375,39364218s,00.htm

    The drive may be bad and need replacement.
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