Overclocking failed with American Megatrends bios

Hi, i have a problem with my computer, the title says my problem already.

I red a other thread about this and they wrote that the CPU has a temprature of 23-30 degrees in celsius.
Is it normal to have a CPU temprature of 75 degrees in celsius? And MB temprature is like 25-35 degrees in celsius.

I'm waiting for your answers...
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  1. your cpu is to hot.

    Anyway... i dont see any specs. we need to know what system you are running and the speeds that you have tired and worked.
    Are you using the stock cooler?
  2. thanks for your help guys, but i discovered my CPU is damaged...i took out every part and clean my chassis and the parts, i cleaned my CPU fan, still same, i had it running on 75 Celsius for like 6 months :( 6 months ago i didnt know anything about computers....
  3. Asus P5P800....i searched for a dual/quad core processor, but i red somewhere it doesnt support any of those....and im too broke atm to buy a new computer...need to pay school/driving lessons and much more...getting older is a pain in the ass :na:
  4. my info about the cpu is right click at My Computer right?

    Then it is:
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs)
  5. Uhm, thats nice, but from where can i buy that? I live in Europe...so shipping costs will be really high...
  6. No, it isnt a dual core and i need some parts in the Netherlands...
  7. He has a regular Pent. 4, the TDP is pretty high but it does seem like he caused some damage. Time for an upgrade?
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