Suggestions For My First Build?

Hi, would any of you guys mind helping me out? For about a week now I've been trying to decide on the best components for my build, but it's too damn confusing and time consuming. I had rather be kicked in my kiwi fruits then have to do this by myself! It's too confusing!

I've put off building a new pc for too long! I will finally build within the next 2 to 4 months! The sooner the better.

My build will primarily be for editing digital video, but would like to play some games, also. I enjoy fps games like Call of Duty, BF2 etc.

I'll have a budget of $1500 us dollars. I think I should be able to build a decent machine for this, don't you?

If you guys don't mind helping, what would you suggest. I'd love to see what you guys think would be a decent build. Also, keep in mind I won't be overclocking, but may consider it later on when I feel I need that extra juice.

Another thing, I'm not worried about having the baddest graphics card right now. I can upgrade that later if need be and I already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse and sound card, so, I can upgrade these later, also.

I've listed the components in order of importance to me, but what would you put the most money into?
1. CPU
2. Mother Board
3. RAM (Can always add more later)
4. Graphics Card
5. Hard Drive (Able to meet the demands of DV editing)
6. Power Supply
7. OS (I will consider the latest Win 7)
8. Case

I know this type of question gets asked a lot and I appreciate your input. Just would like to see what you guys think.

Again, Thanks
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  1. I should think you arent far off a Core i7 build.
    Check this article out, and have a look at the i7 rig they use which costs $1550,review-31487-2.html

    Only thing i noticed is whether they did actually use the PCP&C PSU, as im sure later on they refer to a 1000w Thermaltake being used. I might have hallucinated that though.
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