Dell Inspiron520 intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator upgradable???

I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 530
Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 Ghz
4.00 GB Ram
32-bit operating system
Windows Vista Home Basic

When my folks bought me the pc for college, i just went with it.. cuz heck.. free computer.. u know? but now that im in my own dorm.. i was thinkin about.. can i upgrade my dell.. its a month old.. but if anyone can help me .. to list the top 3 best video cards for this computer... i be grateful...if i need to change power supplies.. please also let me know.. so far i have the intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator. I want an nvidia.. but dunno which one i can get.. i dont mind paying a lot of money for it either.. so if anyone can give me the 3 great ones.. cuz i want to be able to play command and conquer red alert 3.....left for dead.. etc...
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  1. Well. Usually Dell power supplies are not that good for an upgraded graphic card. They are usually to weak and that means a power supply upgrade. Personally if i owned your system i would just get the ATI Radeon 4670. It's price/performance ratio is great, does not require an external power source. But if your preference is Nvidia then the 9600GSO is on par with the 4670 but it requres an external power source.

    MY choice would be the 4670. Should run games on high settings
  2. I think 4670 for that dell. Nvidia has good stuff, but AMD/ATI seems to be making some good cards these days.
  3. Most Quad core equipped I530's came with a 350 watt psu, with, I think, a 25 amp +12v output and a dedicated pcie power cable.
    The same machine was sold on the Dell business site as the Vostro 400, with an 8800GT.
    A 9800 GT would work without a psu upgrade.
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