What happened to my computer?

Yesterday I was putting some new thermal paste on my 2-year-old computer since the Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 was running a bit hot with the stock Intel heatsink. I THINK I electrocuted the CPU when I touched a switch in my house and I got shocked with it in my hand. Could someone confirm this? After I put the CPU in the motherboard, all that happens is all the front and back case fans, graphics card fan, and PSU fan all run at max RPM. Also, the DVD/CD burner is working at during this time. The computer does not boot up at all, even when just the monitor is hooked up (which shows nothing after turning the computer on).
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  1. Unfortunately, yes, it sounds like you fried it.

    Will leave the obvious post-mortem and eventual lecture to the rest...
  2. try resetting the bios... unlikely but you never know.
  3. The problem is that it doesn't boot up whatsoever. I can't even get to the BIOS. I already ordered a replacement E6400, but I just wanted to make sure about the CPU.
  4. They mean reset the bios on the motherboard. Theres a jumper to do it that you have to move. Take the battery out and do the jumper. Refer to manual for details.
    On a side note who cares if a CPU is a bit hotter than what people claim theirs run at etc. If it's in the temps it's designed to operate theres nothing wrong.
    Wonder how many people kill CPU's reseating them with new paste.
  5. lol. also don't tuch the light switch and then touch the CPU next time. If you touch the light switch. instead of touching the CPU touch the Power Supply then the CPU to avoid EST.
  6. I was actually holding the CPU in my hand at the time the even occurred =(. I already knew the CPU was fried when it happened, but I just needed some false hope lol. My house has a lot of static because of our thick carpet as well (yes, I open up my computer on my carpet!)0. I usually take the necessary precautions and ground myself frequently, but I should not have touched the switch because the switches in my house emit static electricity quite often. Well, now I'm out $90 for a replacement CPU.
  7. or take the time and get a better CPU. Like the E8400 or the E8500. You did your self a favor. Time to upgrade. :P
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