8GB RAM for specific purpose?

I have 4 slots, I plan to install 2GB each Slot on my Windows XP 32Bit, Dell optiplex GX620. this for the intention of doing video rendering using Sony Vegas 8 and Adobe Premiere CS4.
When im not doing video I would like to use GNS3 (for cisco router emulation) to help with my Cisco studies, this is because the routers images take up alot of processing power and I was thinking that more RAM would help to ease the load on the computer (even though it is processor load not memory load)

Is it wise and will the software/s use the RAM or is it a waste of money in doing so.
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  1. It's a bad idea for two reasons.

    First, you are using a 32bit OS which can only see a maximum of 4GB of RAM less that taken up for hardware addresses. Usually somewhere between 3-3.5GB max.

    Ask Dan: What's with the 3Gb memory barrier?

    Second, it appears that the 945G northbridge is limited to a maximum of 4GB.

    Intel® 945G Express Chipset

    Dual-channel DDR2 Memory Support
    Up to 10.7 GB/s of bandwidth and 4GB memory addressability for faster system responsiveness and support for 64-bit computing.

    Save your money.
  2. I have 8GB On Vista Ultimate 64 Bit and it rarely utilizes it anyway, stick with 2 Match fast sticks, hardly any difference
  3. It's not like he has much of a choice.

    Come to think of it, he probably has a 1GB/slot max. The only way to know for sure is to try a 2GB stick.
  4. OK, Thanks for that I will go with 4GB.

    A Supplementary question to the fact,
    - Will it make a difference if I use 4 x 1GB sticks or just go with 2 x 2GB
  5. ^2*2GB DDR2 800. My recommendation is GSkill PI DDR2 800.

    Also like Zorg said, your chipset may limit you.
  6. Yeah, you have to be careful. You have a 4GB limit and 4 slots, so it's likely you have a 1GB/slot limit. If you can verify that a 2GB stick will show up properly and run then the 2 x 2GB is preferable. Some mobos have problems with four sticks and it wouldn't surprise me if the 945G was one of them.
  7. Thanks all,
    I think I understand now. I went to look up the specs online and you were right, limit is 4GB and 1GB per slot.

    Well what do you know, I save money and get maximum throughput all in 1 hit.


    ps.. you wont be getting rid of me now :bounce:
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