Please help new builder woes...

Ok here is the system that I recently purchased from newegg.

After installing all the compents I turned on the computer and 4 things happen.

1. My monitor is not getting any single from my graphics card.

2. I don't get any beeps or sound from the mb speaker.

3. All the phase LED lights on my mb light up and stay light.

4. The computer then goes into a startup loop where it will turn on fans will run the HD will spin breifly then it will shut itself off then start again over and over.

So I called tech support for visiontek since I knew that I wasn't getting any video. They told me the problem was either my mb gpu or psu. I have since then replace both my gpu and my psu. but niether have fixed my problem. Which leaves the mb but before I take apart the whole unit I thought I would ask if there is anything else I can or should do before I take the whole computer apart and send my mb back? Also since I'm a novice when it comes to building computers I'm not sure if I should get Newegg to send me a replacement mb or get a refund and purchase a different mb. Any advice would be greatly apreciated. Thank you for any help you can give.

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  1. Well you probably forgot to plug in your 4/8 pin 12v atx power connector from the PSU to the mobo. It happens all of the time, and it sounds likee you have done it also.

    Also make sure you have your video card power plugged in.
  2. The first time I powered the computer on I did in fact forget to plug in the 12v atx power connector, but I realized that shortly after when I read through the manual again when the computer didn't start up. I have both 6 prong PCI-E power connectors plugged into my video card as well.
  3. Double check all power connections.

    Then reset your Cmos via the jumper with the PSU unplugged from the wall.

    If theat dont get you somewhere you need to get the PSU tested, it might be 1/2 dead.
  4. Try it with only 1 stick of the RAM. The specs on NewEgg say it requires 2.2-2.4V.
  5. DXRick said:
    Try it with only 1 stick of the RAM. The specs on NewEgg say it requires 2.2-2.4V.

    Good eye, and good call.
  6. Building a PC 101.
    This is the best method to assembling and powering on a new build. If more people did this, there would not be half of the problems we see when someone's completely assembled build will do nothing.

    Put the motherboard on a piece of cardboard beside the case, plug in the power connections. With the CPU, 1 stick of memory, and the video card only installed, hook up your monitor and see if it will POST. If it does, then mount the board, try again, add something, try again. So on and so forth until you either find the offending cuplprit, or your system is fully assembled and running.
    If you get no POST at that point, at least you know that it is most likely a memory problem. Second, motherboard or PSU problem, third GPU problem, and lastly very seldomly maybe the CPU. It is very, very rarely the CPU.
  7. Thank you all soooo much I followed your advice and I am responding from my new pc! Thank you so much

  8. Ok maybe I spoke too soon... everything was running fine last night when I replied. I installed the drivers that came with my video card, I installed Warhammer online, and I installed the utility that came with my Acer monitor. When I went to bed everthing was running fine, but when I turned my pc back on this morning my entire screen was filled with small lines that appeared as soon as I turned on the computer. They show up at the startup screen and they stay there all the way through to windows. If I have the latest driver for my video card installed I get a blue screen before windows starts and the computer restarts in safe mode, if I have Window's basic driver installed I can log into windows but the lines are still there. I've updated the Bios of my mb to the most recent version (F10) but it didn't help. I've checked my connections pulled the videocard and reinstalled it, removed all my hardware except 1 stick of ram, Video and mb but the lines are still there when the computer posts. Any adivce?
  9. So far from what I can tell, by my logic (which is probably flawed, I would be the first to admit I know only a little about what I am doing) and by what info I've been able to find online about ppl with similar problems, my problem is either my MB or my graphics card hardware or maybe a MB bios problem? I tried putting my graphics card into the other PCI-E x16 slot but I still got the lines. Also if I change the resolution on my monitors the lines change from slightly angled white lines to 3 or 4 tightly packed colums of white lines with red dots here and there. So I'm leaning toward the idea that it might be the graphics card? Can anyone shead some light on this for me. The last thing I want to do is replace the wrong part or any part if it is a software problem.
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