GTX 260 (xfx vs bfg)

Hi all,
I am getting a new Geforce GTX 260 within a day or two. i live in Asia so i have to pick up the card which is avaliable in my local store (No chance of ordering them online).
The two options i have are :

1. BFG TECH GeForce GTX 260 OC 896MB (448-BITS)
Link :

2. XFX GeForce GTX 260 896MB (448-BITS)
Link :

I have read alot already and seems most people preffer BFG, but its a new brand in my country and i have always used XFX before so i am confused. Also i see that the BFG one has a slightly more core clock speed then xfx for a very little price difference. Which one should you suggest? Is BFG is as much stable and reliable as XFX? XFX has been a good brand for me in the past. And sorry if this has been asked several times before but i am really confused and need suggestions. And one last thing i want to say is that i will be keeping this card for atleast 1.5 years before upgrading again.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  1. In Europe (Portugal) I chose the BFG 8800GT OC because of the 10 year warranty (lifetime in USA)

    The last gfx that i had died (Gigabyte 6600 GT AGP) so this time i have chosen a graphic card that has a little more of warranty headroom ;)

    Are you considering the new Core 216 versions? those "only" have 192 Processor Cores
  2. @Soark
    no i am not considering it because its highly overpriced here, standard xfx geforce gtx 260 i listed above is costing me 349 USD here in PAK and BFG is costing 355 USD. You will say wtf? But yes, thats the price of gpu's here in Pakistan.
  3. I'm in a similar situation and I chose bfg, they have a great warranty and all the cards are the same except for the stickers.
  4. I am pretty much convinced at the moment to get BFG.
    One last question, how much performance decrease i can expect from this card when running it in PCI Express x16?
  5. You can expect pretty good performance, I have a personal preference of using ZOTAC cards but whatever swaves your way is fine.
  6. I imagine you're talking about pcie 1.1 instead of pcie 2.0, you shouldn't notice any difference.
  7. Liderc said:
    I imagine you're talking about pcie 1.1 instead of pcie 2.0, you shouldn't notice any difference.

    Yes, thats what i was asking. I may upgrade to newer mobo with pci 2.0 and DDR-III support but currently i will be running this card on pcie 1.1. :D

    Thankyou all guys for answering to my questions.
  8. performance-wise the new xfx gtx 260 core 216 black edition is the fastest gtx 260 available in the market now,there's already quite alot of reviews out there stating that it beats most gtx 280 at stock,and xfx also comes with a double-lifetime warranty now,unless you are looking for step-up program,this new xfx babe is the better buy at the moment.
    Links in newegg:
    Search google for its reviews,you will think twice after reading them!
  9. @tim924
    Yes you are right, but if you read my first post, i said that i have to get what is available in my local retail store and i can't order it online so i have to jump on what is available. I can't afford to pay 50USD for shipping, then wait 2-3 weeks to arrive, then goto customs office and pay duties etc.
  10. I agree with you ladycosmicjive, what i have heard is that xfx is a Hong Kong company, still it costs atleast 30% more for ppl here then ppl in Europe and States. It does'nt make sense to me and thats very annyoing.
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