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Can someone explain to me the speed in a cable modem as compared to a 10/100/1000 NIC. I want to understand just how fast a modem will allow your NIC to travel, can you use the total speed of a Gig NIC? Or does the modem limit the speed? If so, then what good is it to have a fast NIC if the modem doesn't allow you to utilize the complete speed of the card?

Say I have a Wireless N Router with 4 ports that have Gig speed, Now I connect my PC via RJ45 to one of these ports, now I know my home network will allow me greater travel speeds, file transfer and all that, but will my modem bottleneck or allow full functionality?

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  1. Your internet connection speed will be the limiting factor. If you have a 16Mb connection then that is the limit of your download speed. Full 100MB or even 10MB internet connections would be expensive. The school I work for has a 40MB connection and download speeds are good. Some sites I have seen download at 10MB per second.
    As for the home network part the modem will have no affect on transfers from one computer to another within your network.
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