My experience with watercooling.

:hello: Just thought I would share my experience with watercooling, This was my first time watercooling.

I had a lapped Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme with 2 fans in push - pull config. I was fairly please with the cooling performance, although my Core i7 was on the hot side, and the 2 fans were loud. So those are my 2 main reason for going with water.

Here's a photo of my TRUE, Notice the huge amount of dust build up! After just 6 weeks from the last time I cleaned it. :pfff:

Horrible eh? Thats what happens when you have a Coolermaster HAF932 (No filters) + a Cat that loves to sit right next to the intake fans :non:

Let me just say that SpecialTech are absolutely rubbish at packing your goods. The box that contained all my expensive components was falling apart, with holes on the bottom of the box, My bag of barbs and hoseclips where falling out the bottom :pfff: I wouldn't recommend SpecialTech.

This is what I brought.
*Watercool Heatkiller skt 1366 LC Rev 3 CPU waterblock
*Laing DDC-1T Pro Pump 440 L/Hr with XSPC 200ml Reservoir: Plexi
*XSPC Triple Radiator Black: RS360
*Plastic Funnel
*Feser Aqua Cooling Fluid: Ultra Pure Water - Bi Distilled
*PT PHN Nuke
*XSPC 1/2" ID - 3/4" OD High Flex Tubing: 2 metres
*1/4" Thread Barb Fitting for 1/2" Tubing: EK x6
*Zinc Plated Worm Drive Hose Clip for 1/2" Tubing: x6
*Xilence Red Wing 120mm Quiet Fan x3

Right my first step was to basically play around with some of the components, seeing how the hoseclips work and making sure everything fitted together well.
Next step was to clean out the Radiator, CPU block and Funnel, All I did for this was to boil alot of water, leave it for 5 minutes and then pour some into my Radiator and shake it like a mad man until my arm felt like falling off, then simply poured the contents down the sink. Then repeated that 5 times with the CPU block and Radiator. To be honest the water that came out of the CPU block and Radiator looked pretty clean, but its deffinately woth doing.

Next step was to gut my entire PC, Take everything out, (at this stage I thought I might aswell clean it aswell). This stage took some time as I had every wire zip tied. Next step was to attach my Reservoir to my Pump, which was really easy as long as you have the right tools. Took all of 5 minutes.

The next stage was to attach my Heatkiller CPU block to my motherboard, The only instructions I recieved were in different languages and had just 1 picture, but it wasn't rocket science and I soon had it all sorted. There was a slight problem my my motherboard (Gigabyte EX58 - UD5) and the Heatkiller. The Heatkiller is pretty big and was slightly bending some of the capacitors on my motherboard, but it wasn't a problem in the end as its only about 1mm to big.
In this photo you can see on the left where the heatkiller is gently pushing up against the capacitors.

Next step was to install my Radiator
This step was easy and pain free!

Then I installed my motherboard, then I decided on the placement of the pump/reservoir and began mapping out my tubing layout, this was fairly easy as it was only a CPU loop.
When I was happy with the layout of my tubing I made sure my PSU was off then connected a paper clip from the green wire of the 24pin to one of the black wires (make sure you have something like a HDD connected to the PSU, It has to have some power draw)

Then I placed paper towels over my PSU, under the Heatkiller and also under any barbs.

Then I filled the Reservior with my Bi-distilled water and a drop of PT PHN Nuke, remember Never run your pump dry!. Turned my PSU on and quickly noticed a leak from the outlet of the pump! :pt1cable: I turned the PSU off immediately and tightened the barb with a wrench (I used a wrench on all of my barbs to make the O-ring compressed). That fixed the leak :bounce:
The second time round there was a slight leak from a hose clip not being tight enough, so I just tightened it some more and all was peachy!

Getting rid of any air bubbles took about 30 minutes, pinching the tubing and tapping the radiator seemed to help shift the air.

I leak tested for roughly 8 hours

Heres the final result
And of course those all important temps!

Air 4Ghz HT on Turbo off 1.28750Vcore 70, 69, 69,68

Water: same settings 59, 58, 57, 57

And also much quieter!!! YAY!

Thanks for reading my very long thread!.
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  1. Good job. One thing.... My CPU loop was about 1 liter. Pump, block, 120x3 rad. Your supposed to use 4 drops of PHN per liter. I bet yours was close to 1 liter too.

    Why did you buy the fancy marketing water from Feser?
  2. Thanks Conumdrum, your advice helped me out alot! : )

    I just roughly 500ml of Ultra pure water (still got about half of a 1 litre bottle)

    On the bottle of PHN it says: "Add 1 drop/1L ~0.57ppm Copper sulfate OR 2 drops/1L ~1.14ppm Copper sulfate" So because I didn't use much water I just used 1 drop.

    I brought the feser water because i'm lazy :lol: It was £4 and is 2x distilled, I probably could have saved a tiny amount of money buying from my local store, but at the end of the day i'm not bothered.
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